Please watch our eBlasts for information on worship 
in our parking lot, weather dependent.
Dear People of God:

I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbors during this time of limited social interaction. I pray that this time apart will not last long.

As you know, the work of the ministry continues, even as we cannot gather together  in worship.  I will be making available online a live Worship service that we will all be able to participate in, in real time on Zoom. 
This is the link to our ZOOM channel. A password is required as ZOOM protects our privacy and security. Please email here for the password.
During this time, I encourage you to remember to continue to give to the church.  You can do this by mailing checks to the church at the address below, or by signing into Tithely, which is on the church website.  

May God grant you courage and peace during these difficult days.  

In Christ, 

The Rev. Patt Kauffman
St. Paul Lutheran Church
201.837.3189 (church)
Reverend Patt Kauffman proclaiming the Gospel
Sundays, worship/Holy Eucharist 
St. Paul Church of Teaneck, NJ

Worship and Use of the church building cancelled.

Dear People of God:

Worship services and all activities that take place at Gloria Dei are cancelled until further notice, as we continue to attempt to contain the spread of Covid - 19.  

The building will be professionally cleaned as soon as possible.  Until that time, and we receive the all clear, please refrain from entering the building.  

I will post a sermon to the website and on FaceBook.  Pr. Lisa is looking into live streaming Sunday's service and I will contact you if she decides to do that.

Until the time when we worship together, we remain the Body of Christ, gathered and equipped and sent to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.  May we, in our faithful living and concern for our neighbor, continue to practice good hygiene, look out for our neighbors and loved ones, and continue to pray for containment and release from this disease.

God bless,

The Rev. Patt Kauffman
St. Paul Lutheran Church
201.837.3189 (church)

This Customary is written:
Because God is worthy of our highest praise.
To equip the ministers of the Eucharist in offering their gifts and talents in 
To encourage and equip our community to be welcoming and inclusive as we
praise the Good News of God in Jesus Christ.

Prior to the liturgy: (the Celebrant will)
alert the Altar Guild of any changes in worship:
feast days
other liturgies that impact the number and/or roles of service 
notify ushers of any changes

Prior to start of the liturgy:
Servers will fill the Baptismal Font
Acolyte will light candles
Servers will gather for prayer near baptismal font
Ushers, greeters will welcome people and distribute pertinent material

Takes place at baptismal font
Process to back of church (narthex) for entrance hymn
Gathering Hymn
Thurifer (feast days)
torch - Crucifer - torch (feast days)
book bearer
The book bearer stands the lectionary on the place of reading.  On feast days, the celebrant will cense the altar, receive the thurible from the thurifer.

Prayer of the Day
Liturgy of the Word
The Reading(s)
     The lector (reader) pauses to reverence the altar then proceeds to the place of reading.  The reading is announced: “A reading from…” The lector gives full attention to the reading, not attempting to make eye contact with the congregation. The reading concludes with “The word of the Lord”.

     If there isn’t a choir, the reader starts the Psalm with the Psalm response.

As the Gospel acclamation is sung, the  Gospel procession forms (crucifer, book bearer, Celebrant) and proceeds to the place of reading in the center aisle.  The crucifer turns and faces the book bearer and celebrant. The book bearer holds the book on their body to steady the book.  (The celebrant will turn pages if necessary). The procession returns to the altar with the crucifer leading the procession. On feast days, torches and incense will accompany the procession.  On feast days, the celebrant will cense the Book before procession forms.

Hymn of the Day
    The prayers will be read by the reader (lector), giving time for the congregation to add their petitions. The final petition is spoken by the Celebrant.

At the beginning of the offering, the acolyte will hand the offering plates to the ushers. The communion assistants will vest and be prepared to bring the elements of communion from the narthex.  As the congregation sings the offertory, the ushers and communion assistant(s) process to the altar. The usher hands the plates to the acolyte, steps aside, and the communion assistant places the ciborium and chalice on the altar.  The ushers will direct communion, starting from the back of the church (being mindful that the back is often where visitors sit and may need gentle direction).

Offering Prayer
    The communion assistant(s) join the celebrant at the altar.  The communion assistant invites the congregation to pray, raising hands in a position of prayer.

The communion assistant will ring the sanctus bells three times during the singing.
Words of Institution
The communion assistant will ring the bells once during the elevation of the host and once during the elevation of the chalice.

The celebrant will commune the assistants, acolyte/crucifer first, and will be communed by the communion assistant after the people have received.

Post communion Canticle (depending on the season)
Post Communion Prayer
Started by the communion assistant, arms upraised, at the altar.
Sending Song
The assisting minister shall announce the dismissal.

lgbtqia+ welcoming, open, and affirming church to worship, membership, baptism, and full participation. We officiate same sex, gay, lesbian, and trans - gender weddings.
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