The Childrens' Sermon
The Children's Sermon. December 15, 2019
Adult Forum - meets the third Tuesday of the month at 3pm.  Topics are not necessarily religious, but are of topics that participants see as interesting or an important discussion to have in our daily lives.  There is usually a video, followed by discussion.

Book Group - picks a book a month to read, then gather for discussion.  The group meets at 4pm on the third Tuesday of the month.  The books are not always religious.  Many of the selections have been chosen from the New York Times best seller lists.  The selections are curated by a former editor of the American Bible Association.

SUNDAY SCHOOL:  for all ages!  An adult discussion will begin February 23, immediately after the 8:30 worship service.  It will be a 20 minute free-flowing discussion based on participants' queries, observations, and questions about the readings shared during worship.  

Children are invited to participate in an informal time of fun, sharing Bible stories, a craft, and even some singing!  Children (5-14) and their parents are invited to check out the class, which will begin soon - check back for the starting date!

 lgbtqia+ welcoming, open, and affirming church to worship, membership, baptism, and full participation. We officiate same sex, gay, lesbian, and trans - gender weddings.
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