St. Paul Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
 Ridgefield, NJ
   (201) 837 - 3189

Rev. Patt Kauffman, Pastor​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
If you’re looking for your grandma’s church, you won’t find it here.
Here, you find people seeking to live honestly in the light of the love God has for all people, species, and creation.

You will find people who are persistently and lovingly involved in this world for the sake of this world that God loves - with their time, their treasure (that means money) and their talent.  

Our worship is inclusive and you won’t have to guess about what happens next - you will catch on quickly - and EVERYONE is welcome to receive Holy Communion (even if you’ve never worshiped with us, never worshiped, period, aren’t quite sure what you believe, aren’t baptized - EVERYONE MEANS EVERYONE).

This church is a safe place.  We will not insult your intelligence with platitudes.  We will not expect you to suspend your intelligence.  We will introduce you to God, who loves unconditionally, and calls us into relationships with each other and with God, through Jesus Christ.

When Sunday school returns, children will be encouraged in their creativity and to use their imaginations.  (Not a lot of memorization for a faith that remains on a shelf that a child spits out when called upon).  Here, they will learn a living and active faith that has space and time for them.  They will see in the Sunday school materials diverse and non-comforming people, and families that reflect the wonderful diversity that is human love.  

We are a church that reflects the world that we live in:  we are gay, straight, married, single, homeless, working.  We have disabilities.  We are teachers.  We are white and Black and everything in between.

We believe there is a place for you here.  
lgbtqia+ welcoming, open, and affirming church to worship, membership, baptism, and full participation. We officiate same sex, gay, lesbian, and transgender weddings.
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