Dear People of God,
   The St. Paul Church account on Tithely is up and running! It is a safe, secure way of supporting our church and our ministries. Tithely will be depositing all of our donations into the church checking account  every Monday.
   If we click on the “Support St. Paul Church” button links, which are placed on almost every page of the church website,, we can easily establish our own account, save a credit/debit card or several, and choose where we want a specific donation to go. The drop down list currently lists general fund, Bosnia, ELCA, Center for Food Action, Lutheran World Relief, LIRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service), ELCA World Hunger, and Jazz in the Spirit.
   This is the best way to make sure we still support our church’s ministries during the Corona Virus pandemic and our isolation, even when we can’t gather together in church. It can also be used to facilitate all of our giving to the church going on in the future, and donations can be made “recurring”. We don't have to remember to write a check any more! Giving this way assures our support when we travel, go on vacation, or have to miss worship for any reason. 
   Thank you, and God’s blessings!
lgbtqia+ welcoming, open, and affirming church to worship, membership, baptism, and full participation. We officiate same sex, gay, lesbian, and transgender weddings.
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