We are a church that welcomes and affirms ALL:  enthusiastically
 and graciously, welcoming people regardless of their 
race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or 
mental ability, economic status, baptized or not, Christian or not.
(201) 837 - 3189​​​​

There is a place for you here​​​​​​​!
Join us Sundays for worship.

Coming soon!
Family worship on Saturdays at 4pm 
beginning on September 17

The service is fast paced, with lots of movement - perfect for squiggly wiggly children (and the adults that love them). The readings are simple and easy to understand without insulting adult intelligence.

Children will be invited to read the reading for the day, and to distribute Holy Communion.

Warning:  lots of giggles and laughter and joy if you're looking for
 a peaceful and quiet service, THIS ISN’T IT!!
The Reverend Patt Kauffman, Pastor
The Reverend Eunyoung Kim, Mission Developer Morning Star Fellowship
Sharla DeLawter, Parish Administrator
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For online live worship, click the above button before 9:30 AM Sundays. Then click on the Facebook Live offering on the page.
Summer worship is one Mass at 9:30 AM
July 3 through September 11
ZOOM Password is 092550
Check our eNewsletter for updated information on worship times.
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