We are God's love in Action! Come Journey With Us!
We are a church that welcomes ALL:  enthusiastically
 and graciously, welcoming people regardless of their 
race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or 
mental ability, economic status, baptized or not, Christian or not.
Reverend Patt Kauffman preaching at 941 Slocum Ave., Ridgefield, NJ , August 15, 2021

The Reverend Patt Kauffman, Vice Pastor

(201) 837 - 3189​​​​

There is a place for you here​​​​​​​!
Join us Sundays for worship.
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ZOOM Password is 092550
Check our EBLAST for updated information on worship times.
St. Paul Church is celebrating the Season of Creation/Feast of St. Francis during September and October. 
On October 2 and 3, our guest was the internationally celebrated photojournalist for the animals, Jo-Anne McArthur!
Please click HERE to see how the event unfolded. 
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